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September Featured Designer – meet the designer behind FranB Designs

I can’t believe we have less than four months left for the year, where has the time gone. I have a lot of scrapping still left to do this year. How is your end of summer/beginning of fall turning out?

We have a great Featured Designer this month… FranB Designs!! I am sure many of you are familiar with her work, followed her for her magical mouse blog train goodies and have signed up with her newsletter, right!! If not, take a moment to learn a little more about our awesome designer and then head over to her blog and sign up for everything!!

Her featured kit this month is ‘Books! Books! Books” and it is just adorable, just look at those worms!! I love the colors she choose and how she stepped away from the standard school colors for most kits. I can see many fun layouts being created with this fun kit. What pictures can you see with this kit?



FranB also has some other really delightful kits that can go with you all your travel photos, activity photos, or just random photos.

Those who love her kits come up with some very cute layouts. I just love the creativity!!

If you are not familiar with her products yet, take a minute to browse her shop and I’m sure they will catch your eyes!

Now let’s take a moment to learn more about FranB!!

Who are you?

  • My name is Fran and I live in Indiana with my husband and son, who is 14. My son just started high school and plays football and is very enthusiastic about it. We love to watch him play. I like to spend time with my family. I read lots and lots of books, mostly YA fiction and I like to play games!

Tell us your design name and what inspired it:  

  • Well, my design name is my name, so that’s pretty easy to figure out. I started selling here at WLS when it’s doors first opened in November 2011. I designed freebies on my blog before that.


How many hours a day or week do you dedicate to designing, and how long does it usually take to complete a kit?

  • I don’t have a set time per week that I design. I tend to design in phases… for a few weeks I will design like crazy and then a couple weeks not at all. I have to force myself to go back, usually. I design in PSCS6 and typically do papers first, then alpha and then elements. I am very OCD organized, so I plan kits way in advance. I collect color palettes and themes that I want to do and plan what sorts of elements I want in the kit before I create them. Then it doesn’t take very long to make the kit, since I don’t have to do any thinking. Sometimes picking colors is the longest part of the process!


What inspires your designs most?

  • I am often inspired by colors. Sometimes themes. I don’t really like to do repeat themes. Each holiday that gets a lot of kits like Christmas is hard for me each year… I always feel like I’ve done that before and don’t really want to do it again!

If you’re running low on design mojo, where do you go to kick start your creativity?

  • When I am low on mojo I force myself to restart. I take a few days or a couple weeks away until I am behind on kits and then I just have to sit down, pick a kit that is already planned and just do it. That’s my plan for tomorrow!

What part of designing is most challenging to you?

  • Trying new things that don’t come naturally to me.

Slippers or barefoot?

  • Socks! But I do wear slippers in the winter because my feet get so cold!

Favorite TV show?

I don’t watch tv! *gasp* But when I do, it’s usually HGTV. ;)

Where is the farthest you have been from home?

  • I grew up in Chicago and live in Indiana now. I’ve been to Hawaii to the west and Niagara Falls in the northeast and Bahamas in the southeast.

Do you have a muse or someone that inspires you?

  • Listening to music always helps me design. I often listen to Disney music or 80s music or Broadway music while designing.

Books or Movies?

  • Books! Typically most movies based on books suck.

Facebook or Twitter?

  • I hate twitter. ;)

Skirts or Jeans?

  • Yoga pants!

Vintage or Modern?

  • Modern. I am not a vintagey person at all.

Cats or Dogs?

  • I had 3 cats, and love them. Dogs are awesome too, but I’ve never owned one. My hubby is not a fan of furry pets. :(

What inspired you to create this month’s featured kit? 

  • My love for reading books! Everyone needs a book nook to curl up and read!

Tell us about your featured designer’s month, sales, promotions, gifts… /

  • My entire shop is 50% off all month long! Sale price will show up at checkout.

What can we expect to see in your store on the next weeks?

  • I am always thinking of new kits to create. If there is something you would be interested in me creating, drop me a message!

Are you already working on some new releases?

  • Always working on new releases! My Lovely Colors kit will be out soon and you will love it! (Or may have already been out depending on when you read this!!)


Thank you so much FranB for sharing with us and allowing us to get to know you a little better. I am totally with you on the yoga pants!!  Don’t forget to check out and join in on her Featured Designer challenge, I know she would love to see what you create!

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April 2014 WLS Featured Designer: FranB Designs!

Who’s that in the spotlight?  FranB Designs!  Woot woot!  From the first moment that I stepped into the forum of With Love Studios Fran has been a welcoming force and one of my top 5 favorite designers.  Her designs are full of life and fun (much like Fran herself!).  I’m honored to get to pull the spotlight her way this month!

april_featureddesignerTell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, where do you live, do you have another career? Any other exciting info or dark secrets you’d like to share?

I was born and raised in Chicago. I eventually met my husband (online), who lived in Central Indiana, so we live about an hour north of Indy. I am a stay home mom now, but before my son was born, I worked in a hospital doing intake assessments in behavioral health. Basically, when you see ER/doctor shows on tv and they call for a psych eval, I was that person.

What is your background in designing? How did you start?

I started by offering freebies on my blog. I then participated in a few designer contests and that sparked the desire to continue designing. Before With Love Studio opened, another designer told me they were looking for designers and so I applied. I was chosen to join the design team, so my first time selling is when WLS opened back in November 2011!

What is your newest (or featured) kit?

My featured kit is May Flowers. When I decided to do the April Daily Download as well, I knew I had to coordinate the kits. I ended up creating April Showers for the DD, and of course, after April Showers comes May Flowers. I was going to make an Easter kit called Bunny Powers, but I thought that was taking things too far. I kept thinking it would have to be a bunny superhero kit and ya, that was a little odd!

April Showers is full of fun rainy day elements: puddles, boots, umbrellas and it’s in a bold color palette instead of the typical rainy day color palettes! May Flowers is full of…. you guessed it… flowers! Lots of flowers of all different shades and styles. Plus other pretty elements and papers. Perfect for spring time pages, but generic enough to be scrapped with many types of photos.  And since we’ve had the winter that never ends here in Indiana, there is a journal card that reminds you to “Think Spring!”

And if that wasn’t enough goodness, I also have a brand new spring themed freebie on my blog, NL and Facebook all of April, with the 4th portion to be in the 4/9 WLS newsletter called In the Garden. It has wonderful gardening themed elements and lots of fruits and veggies for when you plant your garden this spring!

What is your favorite thing to do besides scrapbooking or designing?

I love to play computer games and card games and board games… I have a bit of a competitive streak! I love to sing, when no one is home, I will turn up the volume and sing my little heart out! I am in my church’s choir and it makes me happy! I love to read, and I do a lot of it. I read a lot of Young Adult fiction as I find the adult books to have too much “stuff” I don’t want to read about. I am on Good Reads and post there a lot and it helps me find new books to read!

Tell us what your perfect birthday would be like!

Well, I’m not quite sure but it would certainly contain a lot of cupcakes!

Got any hints for us on what we’ll see from you in the future?

I have so much on my to-do design list, sometimes it is hard to figure out what to do. I do want to get back to creating more Disney-themed kits, as I have so many Disney World pics to scrap! I do have some kit plans for NSD in May that I hope everyone will love, and they are Disney-themed but still generic enough for everyone with kids. And no, it’s not princesses! 😉 I have only boys on my team here at home, so they are on the boy-ish side!

How much will your store be on sale for during your featured month?


Fran’s featured kit, May Flowers, is too cute for words!  Let me show you instead!


I just adore the little creatures and flowers in this kit and that alpha is so chic and fun! Crystal had a chance to make a couple of layouts with May Flowers that will show you how it can be used for girls and boys both.


As you read above, Fran is also hosting the April Daily Download in the forum.  Each day another part of her April Showers kit will be put up HERE.  Missed a day?  No worries. Go back and pick up the pieces you’ve missed! Be sure to tell FranB how much you appreciate each part.  Our designers work hard and it makes their day to hear how much our fans love them too!


There is also a challenge with the Daily Download that I’m sure you won’t want to miss!  Check out the details HERE!

Could things get any better with FranB this month?  Well of course!  Fran has even more goodies on her blog, in her newsletter, and on her Facebook page! 

FranB Designs Blog | FranB Designs Facebook Page

If all that isn’t enough, I have one more surprise from FranB Designs.  Fran has graciously made this adorable cluster frame using her kit, Bunny Hop that will release April 25th!  So you are getting a sneak peek through this freebie!  Enjoy and take time to visit Fran’s store and gallery for more savings and inspiration this month!FranB_bunnyhop_prevcluster



~ Susan ~

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We got Halloween, Christmas, Fall, and more all in one week!!

This week we have a little of everything for you. From Halloween, Christmas, Fall and more you are sure to find something you will like here this week. But before you start shopping don’t forget our Gifts with Purchase we offer every week. This week we have these two items FREE when you make a $5 or $10 purchase in our shop!


FranB. Designs

Lisa Rosa Designs

Anita W. Designs

Kapi Scrap & Art

Marie H. Designs

Hat of Bunny


and to SAVE even more we have these great sales going on!


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