Susan’s Random Tip #5

I remember when I first started scrapping digitally that I had no idea how to do anything with my program.  It was a lot of trial and error and web searches galore to get even the basic layout done.  Every single one of us has been there.  If that describes you at the moment, welcome to the family!  You are in good company.  So today’s random tip is one of those things that I learned to do early on and I use it on every single layout that I do.  Seriously, every single layout.  What is it?

Automatically Center

This tip works in Photoshop and PSE equally.  Hold down the SHIFT key while dragging something onto your working file.  Papers, elements, alphas, etc. will automatically align to the center of your document.  I start with everything going to the center and then move it to my heart’s content.  Love it!  I made this journal card with this technique.

A follow up to this tip is to hold the SHIFT key down as you drag a layer.  It will stay in either horizontal or vertical alignment depending on the direction you are dragging.  That comes in handy when you are trying to line up photos and elements like buttons.  Here’s an example I made adding the butterflies from the August XOXO Collab to the jounal card.


Too bad I can’t just drag and drop things onto my classroom bulletin board and had everything get into alignment!  That would make things so much easier.

Before you go, here’s another look at the August 2015 XOXO Collab, Forever Young.  This adorable kit is for all those young ‘uns and those of us who are young at heart!


I hope you can use this tip to help your own layout work flow.  Have a wonderful Monday and I’ll see you later this week!

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