September Featured Designer – meet the designer behind Aurélie Scrap

We have a great Featured Designer this month… Aurélie Scrap!! I am sure many of you are familiar with her work and you follow her, right!! If not, take a moment to learn a little more about our awesome designer and then head over to her blog and sign up for everything!!

Her featured kit this month is ‘Hello Autumn” and it is just adorable, just look at those hand drawn pumpkins and scarecrow!! I love the colors she choose and how she kept with a simple palette of just a few colors. I can see many fun layouts being created with this fun kit. What pictures can you see with this kit? Do you have any hayride photos or kids picking their pumpkins out at the pumpkin patch?

Aurélie Scrap also has some other really enchanting kits that can go with no photos and creating a mood board to boost your confidence, or any photo really. Drop shadow techniques with her kits will create stunning pages!

Those who love her kits come up with some very cute layouts. I just love the creativity!!

If you are not familiar with her products yet, take a minute to browse her shop and I’m sure they will catch your eyes!

Now let’s take a moment to learn more about Aurélie Scrap!!


Hi everyone,
I’m really happy to be the October Featured Designer.
My name is Aurélie and I come from a little island called «La Réunion» situated in the indian ocean near Mauritius.
I live in France since 2005, i’m married since this august 12th.
I’m a music addict, it can be classical as hip hop etc…, I love playing games with my PS4 or on my computer (Tomb Raider, Sims 4, The Last Of Us etc…) And I’m learning to paint & to draw since a few weeks, it’s a bit hard but I will arrive ^^

Tell us your design name and what inspired it

  • My designer name is Aurélie Scrap. Something so simple as me, I didn’t want a designer name which will not be me, it’s as a promise to my customers, to be always me and not another person.

How long have you been designing and did it all start?

  • I’m a digital scrap designer since 2009, I started with the paper scrap but as I adore everything that is related to computer and the web and because paper scrap was very expansive, I prefer to see if there was something that relate web & designing and so I found the digital scrapbooking.

How many hours a day or week do you dedicate to designing, and how long does it usually take to complete a kit?

  • Oh my god, I can’t count how many times I can work to my creations, but I can say that I’m spend more than 4-5 hours per day many more in the week-end ^^
    To complete a kit, I need almost much of 3-4 days but just a kit, for a bundle, I need almost a week.

What are your favorite design tools; and what computer/software/programs do you use?

  • My favorite designer tool is «styles» : I’m a huge fan of all styles I can find like glitter, or some to create flairs etc… I use two programs, Photoshop elements 14 to create, to colorize all my elements, to check the quality, and GIMP to crop all the blank of the elements to purpose to my customers a perfect product.

Do you have a method you like to follow when designing?

  • I have severals methods that I use to create:
  • When it’s for the Lovely Colors, I work on a mandatory scheme color so I chose a theme after. But when I create for another moment, I select a theme, and then a scheme color, of course sometimes it’s a scheme color that’s choosing me, and I chose a theme after.

What inspires your designs most?

  • Colors are part of my life, since I was a child, everything was a way to imagine what will be better to add to bring to this or that a touch of beauty. But I will say that everything can inspired me like a food recipe, a perfume etc… When you love life, life will inspire to you love.

If you’re running low on design mojo, where do you go to kick start your creativity?

  • When I’m not inspired, I’m on the web I look to all the creations of my favorite designers and look outside of my home and let also the nature doing its perfect job, inspire everyone and be biggest than everyone thinks.

What is your favorite paper or element of the kit? Why

  • My favorite element of a kit is a butterfly : I think that it’s for me the symbol of freedom. It gives to my kit a touch of softness, really precious.

What’s your favorite snack to have handy while you design?

  • My favorite snack that I have very often in my hands while I’m designing it’s two little biscuits with poppy-seed, sunflower seed & sesame seed (I love cereals & seeds) with a cup of green tea or coffee.

What magazines do you subscribe to (scrap & non-scrap related?)

  • My magazine it’s a french magazine called «Terres Sauvages» : it’s about the earth, animals, people who live around the world, etc it’s like a «National Geographic».

Favorite TV show?

  • I’m a huge fan of «Game of Thrones», I’m at the season 6 here in France, the last two episodes will be next thursday : so hard !

What are your favorite elements to use on your personal layouts?

  • In my personal layouts, it’s the same to my kits, I need a butterfly to complete a layout, if there isn’t a butterfly, I put a bird or something which flies.

Ribbon or String? Ribbon

Pocket Scrapbooking or Traditional? Traditional

Books or Movies? Books without no doubt.

Christmas or Halloween? Christmas : family time.

Subtle or Out there? Subtle : I love my Home, I love spending time in my dear Home.

What inspired you to create this month’s featured kit?

  • Season inspire me for my Featured Designer Kit.
  • Since I’m in France, I love to see how Nature changes the colors, the weather, all around us to make us celebrate life and how time can go so fast. So I wanted to be part of this changing time, so “Hello Autumn”.

Tell us about your featured designer’s month, sales, promotions, gifts… /

  • During all this month I will have a 50% off on all my products, a little gift every friday on my blog related to my Featured Designer kit and a bundle or a kit to win in my Featured Designer Challenge.

What can we expect to see on your store on the next weeks?

  • You will have every week a product that coordinates with my Featured Designer kit like a plain & damasked papers pack next week, after a clusters pack and others creations after.

Are you already working on some new releases?

  • I’m working on three others products in this time, the future lovely colors for the fisrt, the second is a vintage kit with a soft pink and a tender green and the third, it’s my love for black which will come back.  I hope you will fall in love with these creations.

Thank you so much Aurélie Scrap for sharing with us and allowing us to get to know you a little better. I am totally with you on ‘Game of Thrones, books and Christmas!! Don’t forget to check out and join in on her Featured Designer challenge starting tomorrow, I know she would love to see what you create!

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