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Hey everyone!! Kiana from Love it Scrap it here today with a quick tutorial on how to turn your layouts into quick pages. This was a request from a fan in my fan group on Facebook and while easy for me, some are still unsure on how to achieve this effect.

What are quick pages? Quick pages are pre-made layouts with “holes” or transparent areas that you can just place your photo(s) behind and hit save for an instant layout. Many designers sell quick pages as add-ons and they are a great time saver if you don’t have time to actually scrap a layout.

Why would YOU want to make a quick page? Well maybe you have time to make a layout and you’ve got it all pretty but can’t find the right photo(s) you want to use, but you don’t want to save the layout as huge PSD file. You could simply turn your layout into a quick page and come back later and add the photo(s) in. Or maybe you want to make them for creative team duties. Quick pages are easy and even easier to make once you know what to do!

I used the template from my Mojo Maker #3: Tranquility and put together a great layout using my featured designer kit, You is Kind, but I currently don’t have any photos that I need to get scrapped so I didn’t want to use an old photo, but I loved the layout I made.

I use Photoshop but there’s not many special keys you have to use and I think this could be done with other software pretty easily if you know your program.

First of course, make your layout. Get all your papers and elements in the perfect spots and shadow as desired. You can either choose to place a photo or photos in the spots you want as placeholders or if you’re using the template you’ve already got photo placeholders there that you will keep and not add photos to. *(make sure you don’t delete those photo placeholders if you’re using a template)

1. Leave all your layers and layer styles intact.


2. Find the photo(s) placeholder layers. Select the placeholder by using CTRL+Click (PS). You could also use the magic wand to select outside of the placeholder and then go to Select and Inverse so that you are selecting the placeholder.


3. This will bring up marching ants around the placeholder.


4. Now comes the fun part. With the placeholder selected and those cute marching ants walking around, go to each layer BELOW your photo layer and simply hit DELETE all the way down to the bottom background layer. I do this for every layer. Even if I think the layer doesn’t have anything placed inside of those marching ants. Once you’ve done that, you can hide or delete your photo placeholder layers …or if you have more than one photo, repeat for each photo.


5. Once you’ve finished each photo and deleted the photo layers. You should see “holes” in your layout. All that’s left is to MERGE VISIBLE and then save as a PNG to keep your transparency!


6. Viola! You’ve got a quick page.



I hope this tutorial helped you! Remember you can find You is Kind and the rest of my WHOLE shop on sale until the end of this month!!! So fill up your carts!!


Thank you always for your continued support! ♥ Kiana

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