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Creative Team Spotlight

This week I am featuring CT Abby(ShabbyAbby) in the Creative Team Spotlight. You can check out her gallery here….

Here is a little interview I did with that will help you get to know her a bit better…

1.Tell us a bit about you….
I’m a wife and stay at home mother of one, a very artsy-craftsy person, vegetarian, nature lover, avid reader, neat freak. I currently live in FL but will (hopefully) be living in TN soon. I need seasons!! LOL

2. What would you say your style of scrapping is?
I’m not sure…and it depends on my mood. I love clustering and layering mostly and sometimes go for the simplistic route with lots of white space.

3.Who or what is your biggest inspiration when it comes to scrapping?
My daughter.

4. What are your favorite type of kits? Least favorite?
I love bright girly kits with lots of elements. I don’t like kits with lots of different, mismatch-y style elements.

5. What program do you use?
I use PSCS3 mainly.
And last not least, here are some of her beautiful layouts….

Why not stop by the With Love Studio Gallery and leave her some love!

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Don’t forget the older kits!

I just wanted to give out some props for some of the older kits too! Our featured designer this month is MC Designs, and have you seen the kits in her shop? They are fantastic! You can take a peek in her shop here:

I’ve worked with a few of these kits, like this one for example, I’m a sucker for orange, so I was instantly drawn to this kit. It’s called Elegance, and that’s exactly what it is! You can check this kit out here:

Here’s a preview of the kit and a page I made using it. So remember, don’t forget to take a peek at those older kits, cuz you never know what kind of gems you could be missing!

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Cheers for another Saturday freebie!!

Hello everyone! It’s sarahwhithers here with you to bring in another freebie Saturday. For this week I made up a cute little frame freebie using the featured designer this month, MC Designs, kit called Life is Good. So check out the kit by clicking on the preview image below.

To grab the freebie, just click on the freebie preview. Enjoy everyone!



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Storybook font tip

Hi there, Jen here with another techie tip for you. As promised in my last post (here), this time I’m going to give a quick tip for Storybook users. If you aren’t familiar with Storybook, it is the digiscrap software offered by Creative Memories. It is actually a fantastic program for non-designers. It’s very intuitive and user friendly. It also comes with a sister program, Memory Manager that allows you to sort and organize your photos. Anywhoo, for those of you who are familiar with Storybook, today’s tip involves making your font pop, in a slightly different way than the tip I described for Photoshop users. Here, your font will take on a 3D look, similar to say puffy paint (think 1980’s). Here’s how it works:

1) Insert a text box onto your layout and add text in the size, color, and font you want to use.

2) Right click and flatten the text (careful, you won’t be able to edit the text after this step, though you can always backtrack using undo).

3) Click on the text box (now a flattened object) to select it. On the format menu, choose filters – 3D edge. Play with the adjustments to see the effect. On my software program, you have to click preview to see the effect in the example box before choosing ok.

4) When you are happy with the look, choose accept. You can move it around and resize as needed. Note that you can always undo if you are unhappy with the result, and if you decide to change the color, you will need to add the filter again.

See, easy peasy? It’s a fun way to make your text a little bolder. If you then add a shadow or glow, you can make it stand out even more. Have fun with it!

Thanks for stopping by today. See you next time!