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Freebie Saturday Coming Your Way!

Hello everyone and welcome to another freebie Saturday! I have made up a cute little cluster frame for you – to fit on the side of a page – using the adorable kit Sweet Tweets by Simple Girl Scraps. To get a looky at the kit and a page I made using the kit and the freebie, Take a peek below. If you click on the kit preview, it will take you right to it in the shop!

And to grab the freebie, just click on the link at the very bottom of this post.

Enjoy everyone!

made by sarahwhithers


Freebie Frame Cluster – Download Here:

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Quick tip for scrappers

Lately I’ve become a tip junkie. When I first started digiscrapping, I was mostly focused on how to make my layouts look good. But as I’ve become more advanced, I’ve started trying to figure out how to increase my technical expertise. My two latest fascinations are with titles and shadows. I have to laugh when I think about shadows – there was a good period of time when I first started out that I didn’t even know you could or should add shadows to a layout. Anyway, I thought I would share a quick tip with you today. There are lots of tips out there too – I learned this one from a couple of different tips sites myself. Look around – you’re sure to find someone who has wanted to, and likely figured out how to do the thing that you want to do.

First off, let me say that I use two software programs for digiscrap: Photoshop CS3 and Storybook Creator 3.0 plus. I definitely prefer Storybook over Photoshop (because I’m not a designer), but Photoshop does have its advantages of course. Since most people use some version of Photoshop, I’ll focus my tip today on Photoshop, and next time, we’ll do a Storybook tip instead. This tip has to do with making your font appear larger and more like wordart on your page. A quick and easy way to “en-bolden” your font (i.e. increase it’s width to make it thicker) is to use expand. The steps are easy and as follows:

1) Place your text on the page using your desired font, size, color, etc

2) Make sure your layers panel is showing. Hold down the ctrl key and left click in the white box in your text layer (not the words). This will select your text (you’ll see it selected on your layout).

3) On your menu, choose Select – Modify – Expand. You will get a pop-up box asking you how many pixels. Play around with a bit to get your desired width. You will note that the expansion will appear as a selection, but the text itself will not expand at this point.

4) Back on your layers panel (your text layer should still be lit up as selected), hold down the ctrl key and choose Create New Layer from the lower menu (fx, lock, layer mask, etc). A new layer will appear underneath your text layer.

5) Choose the paint bucket tool, and select your fill color – you will probably want to choose the same color as your font, if you simply want to expand the text width. You could also select a complimentary color if you want to create a two-tone look for your font. Inside the selection on your layout, click with the paint bucket to fill the selection with your chosen color. Voila! That’s it. Deselect and see what you’ve done.

You can also play around with adding shadows, embossing, bevels, etc., to make your font appear more 3 dimensional. Here is an example of what you will get following the above instructions. This is a simple version – as I said before – try some different things and enhance your text and titles even more!



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Where to find the words for scrapbooking…

Have you ever put together an amazing layout but felt like there was something missing? Sometimes when I scrap a layout and get to the very end, I think, wow I need some journaling on this layout to make it complete. I found this wonderful article on Where to Find the Word for Scrapbooking. It goes into detail about all the resources you have for adding that perfect journaling to any layout!

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Freebie Saturday (err, Sunday): Romanzza

Hi gals, Jen (sailwemust) here. Glad you’ve dropped in today. Have you seen this weeks new releases? Lovely, aren’t they? I had the pleasure of working with Craft-tastrophics Romanzza. You can find the kit here at WLS. Normally I’m not too fond of the lovey-dovey Valentine’s pink red purple kits, but this one is really fun – not mushy and syrupy like some of the kits that come out this season. I made a fun layout with it, that I think is going to double as a V-day card for my dear other half, Andy. I turned my layout into a stacked paper to share with you too. Cool, huh? Just click on the preview below to download. And be sure to leave a little thanks for Ivonne (Craft). Have a great day!