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It’s time to bring another great WLS designer into the spotlight… and February is all about Love It Scrap It Designs!

loveitscrapitdesignsI love love love her designs! The colors she uses, her unique style, the amazing slight shabby feel on many of her kits… everytime I see a new kit from her hitting the store, I have to pick up the pieces of my jaw on the floor, hahaha.

These are only a few of my favorite ones:

LISI_MomSizedLove LISI_AnimalAttraction LISI_FreshAsLife LISI_FebruarySmiles lisi_artofparenting_preview lisi_peaceloveunderstanding_preview

If you don’t know her products yet, you should take a few minutes and go visit her shop… I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them right the way!

Now… the designer behind Love It Scrap It took a few minutes to answer some interview questions so you could all know her a little better.

LogoFacebookMedWhat’s your real name if different from your designer name?

What’s the meaning of your designer’s name and how did you come up with it?
Why Love it Scrap it? Well…when I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking some 7 years ago I dove in feet first. I learned all I could because I wanted to preserve my family’s memories. But somewhere along the way I found that this was a creative outlet not only for my family’s photos and stories, but for so much more. And of course designing was a natural progression. From pages about my love for cake or love of writing poetry to pages about my frustration with being a mom or being upset about when my puppy chewed my new camera. I could use digital scrapbooking to leave my WHOLE self in albums for my kids, their kids, and maybe one day their kids. So I believe that you should scrap what you love and everything in between too!

How long have you been designing and how did it all start?
In late 2013 I was on a few creative teams and I started doing some blog train freebies. My PC crashed and I wasn’t doing anything for a few months, but in January of 2014 I was back up and running and I knew I wanted to focus more on learning and growing in designing. So I jumped back into blog trains, joined a small store, and then in summer of 2014 I completed some designer mentoring that really opened my eyes to quality. I learned so much and wanted to bring the Best quality I could to my designs because I wanted to be able to USE them for myself and my family’s memories. It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years but I’ve grown so much and when I stumbled upon With Love Studio I was super excited to finally “feel” at home in a great shop.

Tell us a little bit about you, your family and your daily life.
Well I’m a mom of 3. One is grown and flown the coop and has 2 beautiful daughters of her own and the other two are my 11 year old daughter and 10 year old son. I’m also a wife and a fur-mom! Besides family life we enjoy playing the Playstation together and going fishing!
Daily life is pretty regular for me. Once I get up and get my kids off to school I try to get in a small workout then I shower and get dressed. Then it’s all about Love it Scrap it. I might be working on a product, or marketing and promo that day, or researching colors for the next thing. I keep a spreadsheet with what I have to do, what’s releasing and when, and all my product descriptions. I make lists and keep myself pretty organized…or at least I try!
When the family gets home it’s homework, dinner, and maybe a little TV time with the hubby to wind down for the night. Weekends are pretty spontaneous, we kinda just go with the flow. Sometimes that means pj’s and reading and sometimes we get cabin fever and venture out for lunch or dinner and a movie! Unless it’s spring or summer, then weekends we can usually be found near a fishing hole with our worms and poles! Lol

Do you have another job/career other than designing?
I used to work in a call center as an Area Manager, but when it was relocated to Canada in 2008 I took that time to stay home with my young kids. Since then we’ve moved to another state and my hubby has been blessed to grow in his career so that I’ve been able to continue staying at home.

How many hours a day or week do you dedicate to designing, and how long does it usually take to complete a kit?
I’m doing something related to Love it Scrap it about 5-6 hours per day unless I’m working on a deadline, then it might be closer to 8 hours a day. However, I try to stay organized and get things done early so that once my family comes home I’m free for them. Each kit is different and might inspire me in different ways. That being said, on average, from planning & ideas to full completion of the kit, I’d say about a week’s work from start to finish.

What are you favorite design tools and what computer/software/programs do you use?
I have a custom built PC with double monitors and it runs Windows 7 Pro. My hubby is a Network Admin and he built all our home computers. Yes plural, I have my own, he has his own and the kids have their own computers. He gives them all superhero names too! Lol. I love my PC too, it’s so awesome and I have a pink tower too!! Sometimes it’s the little things. Lol.
workspace_zpsztei5sbx.jpg~originalI design using Photoshop CS6 Extended. It was the last release before Adobe went to the subscription service and I don’t know if I’ll switch over anytime soon. My favorite tools are STYLES!! That’s my go-to to apply different effects to my papers and elements. They are so easy and you can find a BILLION of them for lots of cool things! Here’s my work area:

Do you have a method you like to follow when designing?
Most of the time I find the colors first and let them “speak” to me .. the colors give me the theme. Sometimes I’m inspired by a quote or song lyrics and I go find the colors to match. Once I have a theme, then I brainstorm and plan ideas for what papers, elements and word sayings I want to include.
Then I start the design process. I always design papers first. That further enhances the theme and mood I want to go. Then comes the elements and last is the word sayings and quotes. Sometimes as I’m working, elements or word sayings will change, but most of the time I just sorta go with the flow. After the kit is finished, I get the package previews done and as I’m doing that I may “see” that I need an extra frame or I forgot to make ribbons for example and I’ll go back and add those last touches.
The final thing after previews is to make a layout. I make at least one layout as soon as I finish the kit just to work with it and make sure it works for me….this also helps me get my own personal scrapping layouts done since I don’t get time often to scrap.

Tell us a little bit about some of your favorite kits and what you like most about them.
They are all my favorite! They all inspired me on some level. But the most recent favorite is: Christmas With You.


Because our oldest lives in TN (where my husband is from and we left in 2011). With her being there and us being in Michigan we don’t get to see her or the grand kids as often as we’d like, so Christmas is one of the times we miss her the most. So I knew this year I needed to make a “blue Christmas” kit with word art I could use to express myself for my own albums.

Tell us about your featured kit, where did you find inspiration for it?
You is Kind is all about what the world could use more of, KINDNESS! They say a kind word can change a person’s day. I believe that.
I found inspiration in the quote “A kind word is like a Spring day” and I knew I wanted it to be full of all things spring. So I found a great soft spring color palette and went to work! I love the gentleness of the kit and it really gives it a feeling of kindness. I hope you all like it too!


What can we expect to see on your store on the next weeks? Are you already working on some new releases?
I just completed the February Lovely Color packs so I’ll be getting those packaged up and in the store. I was inspired by the colors.


Tell us about your featured designer’s month, sales, promotions, gifts…
I’ve got a great sale going on for the whole month. You can find my shop 35% off. And you’ll be receiving 2 awesome coordinating freebies to go along with You Is Kind. And don’t forget to join me in the forum for the challenges I’m hosting this month. The Lovely I…Challenge is all about your aspirations and the Lovely Mix it Up Challenge is perfect for letting you get creative with the inspiration.

Thank you, Kiana, for telling us a little bit about you… It’s great to get to know the designers we love!

I found some AMAZING layouts created with You is Kind in our Galleries that I’m sure will inspire you!!!

YouisKind-Michelle01_zpsvatfhcpi.jpg~original EMSYouisKind2 Kit_YouIsKind01_zps1elfq3fv.jpg~original Kit_YouIsKind02_zpsu2xfp7yp.jpg~original Kit_YouIsKind03_zpskcnlhccz.jpg~original Lisi_You_Is_Kind_1 LO143 YouisKind-Maureen02_zpsaehthbiv.jpg~original

And Kiana has a super cute freebie for you… this adorable alpha set that matches her You is Kind!


Just click the image to download it!


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