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July Featured Designer – meet the designer behind JMC Designs

The year is officially half over. For some summer is half over while others start school next week. I am not ready for summer to be over. Are you? Well, the great news is that not much is over here at With Love Studio and that includes introducing you to our monthly Featured Designer!!

I am sure many of you are familiar with our designer JMC Designs! She is new to our With Love Studio family but not new to digital scrapbooking. She is our featured Designer this month and she has this amazing food kit called ‘PB and Jelly Time.’ Now I am a little hungry while I have a the song ‘Peanut Butter Conspiracy’ by Jimmy Buffett keeps playing in my head. I love PB&J sandwiches. Jodi of JMC Designs has this yummy kit for you full of everything you would need to make yourself a fun layout!

Jodi aka JMC Designs is an wonderful designer with some really darling kits. I love that she has her style set and she isn’t afraid of bold colors or light colors. Here are some of my favorite kits from her:


Here are some layouts using her kits:

If you are not familiar with her products yet, take a minute to browse her shop and I’m sure they will catch your eyes!

Who are you?

  • Hello Everyone, Jodi here from JMC Designs.  I live in Utah, and am married for 29 years and I have two children, 23 yr old daughter, who is married and going to school, and a 22 yr old son who works and works.  I am from Florida and it is my dream to move back there when we retire in a few years. I love to be outdoors and other than scrapbooking, I love cooking, reading, and spending time with my family.

Tell us your design name and what inspired it

  • My Design name is JMC Designs – it came from my original design name of Jensen Motley Crew Designs, after my family.  LOL! Not the rock group Motley Crue!

How long have you been designing and did it all start?

  • I participated in a scrapbook contest at another store and after the contest was over I was asked to be a designer.  That was back in 2008.  Then in 2012 I took a year off for health reason and came back in late 2013.

How many hours a day or week do you dedicate to designing, and how long does it usually take to complete a kit?

  • Well during the school year, I work mostly on week-ends and some nights. During the summertime I am on the computer most days. and then I try and take week-ends off, to get away and spend time with my hubby. If I am really excited about a kit I can make it in about 4 or 5 hours.  If I struggle with it, it can take me a few days.

What are your favorite design tools; and what computer/software/programs do you use?

  • I love working with styles and textures.  I work in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Do you have a method you like to follow when designing?

  • Not really a method, but I usually make the elements first.

What inspires your designs most?

  • Usually I see a color palette or create a color palette and that gets my juices flowing.

If you’re running low on design mojo, where do you go to kick start your creativity?

  • Oh yeah, a designer’s nightmare, losing your mojo.  That has happened a few times, but I get inspiration from my followers, and especially my daughter.

What has been the greatest compliment you have received about your designs? 

  • The greatest compliment for me was a customer who followed me from my store that closed and she said she would follow me anywhere I choose to go.

Link us to a layout that you have seen using your work that just left you awestruck?


What’s your favorite snack to have handy while you design?

  • Popcorn and Coke!  I love White Cheddar Popcorn. I mostly drink water, but I love COKE!

Slippers or barefoot?

  • I am a Florida girl, so definitely BAREFOOT!

Do you have another job/career other than designing?

  • I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist at a nearby Charter School.  I Love it!  It is a school dedicated to working with kids that have some form of Autism.  It is very rewarding and I have learned so much from these kids!

Quick Fire Questions

  • Pocket Scrapbooking or Traditional? Definitely Traditional
  • Single or Multi Photo? Single
  • White Space or Fill the page? White Space
  • Template or Blank Canvas? Blank Canvas
  • Pepsi or Coke? Coke, did I tell you I like COKE!

What inspired you to create this month’s featured kit? 

  • I held a contest on my blog and the theme and color palette that won is my Featured Kit – PB and Jelly Time

Tell us about your featured designer’s month, sales, promotions, gifts… /

  • My entire store will be 50% OFF all month long!

What can we expect to see on your store on the next weeks?

  • Beachy, Summer, Vacations, Sunshine… all things summery!

Are you already working on some new releases? 

  • I really like to work 2 or 3 months ahead of schedule, I hate to be late for anything!


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Saturday Saturation: Arizona Monsoon

One of the new series we will be starting is talking about Colors and taking photos we like and turning them into color palettes that we can use in our scrapbook kits and layouts. What is great about this journey is you will discover that one (1) photo can create many palettes because of the different saturations of color that is in each photo. There is also a lighter and darker shade of a color as well as colors that contrast and their shades. If you have a photo that you would love to submit for us to create palettes with, please send them to

Today, we will start with a photo taken here in Tucson, Arizona from a photography group I belong to. These are stock photos and no permission is needed to use these here for our purposes, this is a key component when creating palettes for others, you want to make sure you have permission to use the photo. 🙂  Here is Arizona we are coming up on Monsoon season and we have some amazing skies during this time period that create some beautiful and intense colors. People don’t believe me when I tell them we have purple skies here in Arizona, so it’s not always blue, hehe!!

Here are colors that are in this photo that I can choose from to create the palette I want to use.

Here you can see me pulling different colors to see what I like. You will also see that part of the sky is now grey as well as some grey dots towards the bottom of the photo – the reason for this is is that I have my gamut turned on so I can make sure that the colors I pull are in the proper gamut range. If the box on the right of the photo has a color in it, then that color is in proper gamut.

Here are the final colors I choose for this photo.. well at least for this palette. You can make a few color palettes from this photo.

Hope you enjoyed this Saturday Color Saturation Tutorial and palette!


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