Adding a layout to our Gallery

With our new Gallery, we completely understand how things can be a little confusing. Let this little tutorial help you figure out how to quickly add a layout.

You have two was to add a layout

First option:  Go to our Gallery and click on ‘add image’ – this is a general way to go about it 

If you choose this option, you will need to then choose where you want your layout to go – You can place it in your Members Gallery, or are you one of our CT members – add it to your name; are you a CT member for a Designer? Add it to our Designer’s Inspiration category; or is it for one of our monthly challenges – if so choose which one.

Second Option: If you know where you want to add your layout – you can go into that area first and then choose ‘Add Images’


Once you click on ‘Add Images’ you will be taken to this area – here you can drag and drop your images from your layout folder. If your not sure how to do that, simply click on the ‘Choose Files’ and click on the image you want to upload. You can choose more than one – from my own experience (as of today) I wouldn’t recommend more than 3 at a time – my computer froze on me because of my internet speed and how many items I had opened (I use two monitors and tend to watch Hulu or Netflix while I am working)

Once you have your images – here you can see I was trying to add five – which was great until I got to the 5th one and my computer said ‘nope’ you need to refresh and I lost everything I worked on. teach me to have 10 tabs open, windows explorer, World of Warcraft doing an update, Photoshop CC, Paint and Outlook – yep. I am that kind of crazy worker. But here I can add all the information I want, what you don’t see is that there are arrows (they are white) on the right side so you can move to the next photo – and then on the second and so on photos an arrow on the left will show up so you can go back if you need to make changes. Once you have everything you want for your image you will scroll down and click on ‘Finish Editing Images.’


And that is it, you are now done and your image will look like this!

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