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Lovely Classroom: Scrapping Your Family History Layout #1

How many of you are researching your family history? I know I am and I am having a lot of fun reading old stories, finding old newspaper clippings, and learning about where my lineage comes from. So what legacy do I leave behind for my children so that they have their family history in one spot? Well, just like my Aunt Evelyn did, create a book with copies of everything in it, but we can make it better than just paper and black & white images. A digital scrapbookers we can add color, fun papers and elements to help bring those stories and photos to life. I am starting a series of fun family history layouts. So keep an eye out in the blog for updates as well as the forum under the Lovely Classroom area.

So now, let’s talk about where we start, our immediate family first we are always scrapping about along with our day to day life. So let go back a generation and look at our parents.

Step #1:   Gather photos of your parents along with the stories behind them.

Step #2:  Find a kit to work with, check out these fun kits here at With Love Studio..

‘Victorian Lady’ by Shelley Marie 


 ‘Blessed’ by Sugar Moon 


‘Our Family, Our Home’ by Chunlin Designs


Step #3:  Are you going to be printing these from home or sending them to a printer? For me, I want to these family pages bound and printed by someone else – I have a coupon that I got from my wedding for Shutterfly, perfect now to choose what size book 12 x 12 or 8 x 8.  I think a 12 x 12 book would be perfect for this type of layout.

Step #4:   Let’s work with the photos before we move on to the kits. Are the photos you choose B&W? Color? Sepia? Scan them in and place into a family history folder to work on. Decide whether you want to leave those photos they way they are or change them.

If you decide that you want to keep them, then start looking at what papers and frames you have to work with. Some some that have some vintage feeling for it. Not too vintage since we will go through different time periods to create a fun feel.

If you decide you want to change them, a quick and easy solution is to color them in your program (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro or even LightRoom). You can change the levels, the contrast, the hue or even spot color a portion of the photo. Another way you can go about it, is to take one of the papers from the kit you are working with and using the layers filter you can blend the paper and the photo together.

I found these fun images through google using image search for sepia photos. The one on the right, as you can see looks like a photo with a blended page on top of it. The one on the left has some fun color in the photo. So do a google search if you want to come up with some fun ideas for your photos. And join me next time for the next steps! See you soon, Hugs, Meg Scott Studio!

SugarandSpice_JPG_Thumbnail1vintage-scene no border

Before I go, Fran B, has a a very cute free mini kit for the family posted on her blog. Click on the image below to be taken to her page!


iNSD Blog Hop Starts HERE!!

To celebrate {inter}National Scrapbooking Day here at With Love Studio we are hosting a Facebook/Blog HOP. Below you will find a list of designers participating in our HOP and will have the links you need to go collect all your goodies. This year’s HOP is inspired by WOMEN! Our designers have come up with individual unique mini kits and freebies in tribute to all the awesome women in our world. You will LOVE this mega collection that all coordinate together so you can mix and match the parts you love to create numerous layouts! Before we give you the first part of this amazing HOP let me give you the exciting news of what all will be on sale this weekend for iNSD!! Are you ready for it??? It’s absolutely our best sale of the year so far and I know you are sure to love it!

Store-Wide we have a 50% off sale!!! {Told you it was BIG}
NSD ad1 copy

In addition to this sale a few of our designers have even more for you!! So be sure to check their personal Blogs and Facebook pages for even more savings and freebies throughout the weekend!

and we have also extended the amount of time to get our May XOXO Collab for 50% off as well
NOW to get this HOP started off right we are giving you the Glitter Pack created by Starry Eyed Designs {click image to download}
To continue your HOP please stop next at:
Sugar Moon Designs Blog
Have fun and if you get lost just remember this list is here for you anytime!!

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New Releases and a Blog Hop!!!

Happy Friday!  We have a TON of stuff to share this week, so lets just dive on in!!

First up: Our new goodies for the week!  Our designers have been super busy creating absolutely lovely collections to help you scrap your memories!

Anita W Bundled Up Fran B That's Amore
Lisa Rosa Winter Fun  MagsGraphics Choose Joy
Made By Me Inspirations Watercolor Adventures   Polka Dot Chicks My Favorite Pet

And now…{Drum roll, please!} It’s time for our blog hop!!!

Be Kind and Be Brave was inspired by January.


What does January have to do with being kind or brave?  Well, in January the brave make their New Years Resolutions…and the REALLY brave share them publicly with others!  Some of the brave, resolve to be kind.  And there are lots of January holidays that have to do with being either kind or brave:

Jan 1 1892 – Ellis Island Opened (Immigrants coming to U.S.)
Jan. 11 – Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Pacific Ocean 1935
Jan 18 – Beginning of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial (explorers)
Jan 20 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Jan 21 – First flight of the Supersonic Concorde 1976
Jan 25 – First Winter Olympics Held 1924
Jan 26 – Australia Day
Jan 27 – National Geographic Society Founded 1888
Jan 31 – Jackie Robinson’s B-Day – first African-American Professional Baseball Player

So, with that a theme was born!

Here is the first download:

Missy's Bits Designs Be Kind and Be Brave

{Download Here}

Here is the list of participants: 

Missy Bits (With Love Studio)

Sugar Moon Designs


Anita Wells Designs

Chunlin Designs

FranB Designs

Hat of Bunny Designs

KapiScrap & Art

Lisa Rosa Designs

Made By Me Inspirations


midnight owl designs

Polka Dot Chicks

Shelly Marie

Starry Eyed Designs

We hope you enjoy our blog hop and that you do something kind or brave (or both) today!

January 10th Sneak Peeks!

Hello! Happy Wednesday! My kids are finally back in school from Holiday vacation! They got two extra days and a 2 hour delay due to the freezing temps we have had! Luckily the temperature is supposed to steadily increase over the next few days and Mom is ready for a little bit of quiet!

Fran B. has this kit being released Friday and it reminds me of warmer days!


Sugar Moon Designs is releasing this kit on Friday


And Lisa Rosa has this kit coming out


Romajo made this great kit with Fran B. Designs kit

Kelin made this layout with a kit being Released by Anita Wells Designs

Shanna made this layout with Lisa Rosa’s Kit!


Countdown To Christmas Deal – and last minute Santa Wreath

Today I’ve got a fun, last minute craft for you – brought to you by my crafting cat, Cooper. He’s a helper cat, he really is – there is no chore that I do that he isn’t underfoot or trying to hop into the dishwasher or dryer. He’s a “helper,” so I let him help me make some wreaths – and we wanted to share our fun project with you. I do apologize for the poor photos. I had to use our sad back up camera, my husband had the good one, and as you’ll see, this poor little camera leaves a lot to be desired!


All you’ll need for this craft is a Santa Hat, a  10″ foam ring,  string or twine, a roll of white tule, and a hot glue gun (of course!)  If you have a better space to work than a crowded dining room table, still covered in autumn decorations, you’re lucky – Cooper and I just work with what we have! :)


First thing you do is survey your supplies and make sure you’ve got everything available.


Cooper is confident that we are ready to begin making something awesome!


Take your roll of tulle and wrap a layer of tulle around the foam ring – just to cover the foam – it doesn’t have to be a lot of tulle. Then hot glue the end down.


Next cut all the rest of the tulle into strips – I just eyed mine, but they were about 10″ – 12″ long.  Pull the Santa Hat onto your foam ring until it covers the top, make a mental note or use a pencil to mark where the hat sets on the ring. Now take the hat off the ring for now.  Next, take your tulle strips and just start tying them in simple double knots all around the bottom half of the foam ring like a beard.



You can use as much or as little tulle to create the beard as you like. Cooper likes to use a lot so the beard is nice and puffy!


Next tie a string to the top of the foam wreath so you have something to hang the wreath from.  I just eyed this too, but my string was probably 12″ or so long. I then cut a small hole in the back of the hat, just a little slit only big enough to slide the string loop through. Then I pulled the hat on the foam ring and tacked it down with hot glue.



(This is Cooper telling me I’m doing it all wrong.)

After you’ve attached the Santa hat you’re finished! All you need to do is arrange and fluff the tulle beard until it looks puffy and full!  Again, I apologize for the poor quality photos, but I hope you get the general idea – it’s super simple to make and fun project for cats and kids too!


And hey – before you go – here’s today’s Christmas Countdown Code!

Countdown to Christmas

Today’s Christmas Countdown Deal is USE CODE: CandyCaneLane 35% off $6 or more — anything in the Shop!