Creative Inspiration (Susan’s Random Tip #4)

We all need that burst of inspiration every now and then.  I’m sure each of you have your own favorite sources that you turn to.  I have a friend who goes for a run when she needs to be inspired. On the other hand, if you see me running you better start running because there is something scary chasing me.  I have another friend who loves going to people watch and will go to some of the most crowded places imaginable just to be inspired.  Those places give me nightmares so I avoid them like the plague.  So what do I do for inspiration?  I turn to 3 different things, music of many different genres, nature, and art in various mediums.  Textiles, mandalas, paintings, drawings, abstract, and more.  How does that translate to digital scrapping?  Well, sometimes I scrap as my visual creative release.  My layouts are then created just for the purpose of making something pretty.   Not necessarily a story being told but something just for me.  Maybe I’ll share it with others or maybe not. 

Over the years that I’ve been on this digital scrapbook journey I have been part of many different discussions about the “why” we scrap.  I tend to fall on the side of we do it to preserve our memories.  The stories behind the photos.  Otherwise the layout is just an enhanced photo album where you have the picture with no context. Believe me, I have many many of those albums that have been handed down to me over the past 4 decades.  My mom has box after box of old family photos that will some day be mine and I have no idea what the story is behind many of those photos.  Neither does my mom except for the names labeled on the back.  She has traced many of those names and has started to put together a family history book of sorts that ties things together and it will be my job eventually to create a scrapbook merging the two together. Something that has been tugging on my heart for some time as I have watched my mother age and decline over the past few years.

What just happened?  I bet that jump from one extreme to the other just confused a lot of you. What I’m trying to show you today is this. There is no right or wrong way or reason to scrap.  You can actually go from one extreme to the other in a heartbeat.  I’m a perfect example of that.  I scrap both for creative release and to document memories along with my photos.  I’m sure there is a middle ground in there somewhere but I don’t know what it is because my personality is one that lives in extremes.  Find what inspires you, scrap in the way that makes you happy.  Want a challenge?  Scrap on the opposite end of the spectrum for one layout.  You might find that you, like me, need both to keep things fresh and fun.

There you have it, my Random Tip #4.  If you tend to scrap only to preserve memories stretch out of your box and try to scrap a layout just for creative artistic reasons.  If you tend to scrap mainly for creative artistic purposes pick one specific memory and do a layout to document that memory.  Can you use photos in each type of layout?  You bet!  Do you have to use photos at all? Nope! Words are powerful.  Journal about your memories or use words as an anchor for your artistic layout (if you wish).  Either way, enjoy the journey.  You may find you like where the journey takes you.  If not, you can run back up the path to familiar.  Just remember if you meet me on your path and I’m running then you need to turn around and start running too.  The person in last place always gets caught by the big hungry bear.


Credits: July 2015 Lovely Colors BeYoutiful Elements, BeYoutiful Patterened Papers, BeYoutiful Solid Papers, BeYoutiful Wordies by Love It Scrap It Designs. 

Like the photo effect you see?  Check out the July 2015 Technique Challenge in the WLS forum!  It’s a fun technique to try out in Photoshop and PSE! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you next week!

Check Out Lemur Designs!!!

Lemur Designs is one of our new designers at With Love Studio and she’s our Featured Designer for July.  I have been enchanted by her whimsical and playful designs as I browsed through her store.  Have you checked her store out this month?  Her Featured Designer Sale ends on Friday!


Check out this adorable collection that she just released this month called Monster School.


Here’s a closer look at just the kit.  Those little monsters are so cute!!!


Another super sweet kit and collection by Lemur Designs that I just love is Sweet Dreams.  It’s perfect for all those adorable sleepy moments you’ve captured.



I hope you check out Lemur Designs this week and if you do we’d love to know what your favorite kit/collection is!  Have a great week!

With Love Studio Weekly New Releases on Sale!

Hello everyone! We have some amazing new releases on sale this week that I just can’t wait to tell you about! There’s so much awesome summer goodness packed into these kits – just take a look!

First, from Caroline B we would like to introduce, “Summer’s Right Around the Corner!” This kit is full of summer fun – plus check out the wonderful journal cards and bright colorful flair packs that coordinate with it!


Feeling a bit hot from the summer? How about some refreshing “Sweet Lemonade,” from Pretty Ju Scrap – don’t you just love those greens and yellows?!?


Maybe the lemonade has inspired you to go on a picnic! Christaly has this fantastic set of templates, word arts and brushes called, “Picnic Basket,” that’s sure to inspire you to create some beautiful summer layouts!

christaly_picnicbasketAfter a picnic, maybe a fun movie sounds good? Designs by Romajo has the perfect kit, “Movie Under the Stars!” What could be more delightful!?!


Of course no summer fun is complete without the people we love the most! Eudora Designs has this most incredible kit – “Right Beside You,” to scrap all those special moments with our favorite people!


After our wonderful day of making summer memories, there’s no better place to be than home! Shmooangel Designs has brought us this lovely kit, “Home Sweet Home,” full of charm and happiness!


All in all we have to admit, we love our lives and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Sunshine Inspired Designs brings us these great deals – buy either one and get bonus quickpages – it really is a “Beautiful Life!”


Feel like making your own supplies? Touched by a Butterfly has a wide assortment of elements for commercial or personal use!


Grace Blossoms 4 U also has some gorgeous commercial use products. This week her CU Garden Mix 2 is 35% off!graceblossoms4u_cugardenmix2

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

We can’t wait to see your beautiful creations in the gallery, and talk to you in the forums – if you need some quick inspiration, stop by the challenges and get some great ideas – plus earn points that can be used to purchase products!!

Technique Challenge

I woke up this morning thinking it was Tuesday. It wasn’t until about 10 minutes ago that I realized I have totally lost a whole day.  So, that explains why today’s post is just now getting put together.  It doesn’t explain where my day went.

Today’s Random Wednesday post had me scrambling a bit but then I landed on this month’s Technique Challenge in the forum. Lisa Rosa has a fabulous challenge going on with selective desaturation.  Let me show you some examples that have already been shared.


Wow!  I love the way this simple technique pulls your attention right to the subject of the layout.  I know what I’m going to be trying out this afternoon.  Would you like to know how to get this effect on your photos?  Lisa has all the directions HERE in the forum.  There is a video for Photoshop users and another link for those of you who use PSE.

Is there a technique you would like to know more about?  Let us know.  Each month there is a different technique presented in the Technique Challenge but I’m always looking for techniques and tips to share here on the blog as well.

See you next time!

New Releases at With Love Studio This Week!

What an amazing collection of new releases our designers have this week! There’s something for everyone!

First, we have a new designer joining With Love Studio, Grace Blossoms 4 U. Stop by and check out her new shop and all her wonderful products – on sale 40% through July 24!graceblossoms_grandopening


Next we have a gorgeous kit from Designs by Romajo, Glory of Warmth – and the name says it all, this kit is just full of beauty and sunshiny warmth!


Check out this new retro collection, or kit, from Sunshine Inspired Designs, Back in Time! What a great set – and you’ll get some lovely free quickpages with EITHER way you go!


Shmooangel Designs has a really great new driving kit out this week, In the Driver’s Seat – it is just filled with fun elements – perfect for all those road trips or new drivers!


While you’re on your road trip you might decide to go to “Vegas or Bust!” this is just a great kit from Touched by A Butterfly – it even comes with an adorable Elvis impersonator!


Or maybe you’ll want to go to the beach and feel a “Tropical Breeze!” this amazing kit comes from Pretty Ju Scrap!


Joey Designs has wonderful group of Photomasks and Pockets Photo – won’t these be a fun to work with and add just the right touch to your layouts!


Winks Art Graphics has this sweet “Family Ties” kit – just perfect for family trees and all your most important family memories!


Don’t forget that all your purchases can help you get FREE products – here are this weeks Gifts with Purchase Kits.


July 2015 Lovely Colors

Do you know what the next five days are at With Love Studio?  It’s the Lovely Colors Sale!!  What’s that you ask?  Each month our lovely designers are given a color scheme to work with and they create packs that can be mixed and matched by you to create your own MEGA bundle.  Each pack is on sale for $1 each from July 15th – July 20th. This month our designers are on fire with theri exceptional collections that they have for you!


Let’s check out what all the designers have come up with!

Christaly’s Hugs & Kisses collection includes templates, word art, and brush designs that will have your heart swooning!christ47

Love It, Scrap It’s BeYoutiful collection is simply beautiful and you’ll find plenty of ways to celebrate all the beautiful people in your life.LISI_JulyLovelyColorsAd_zps4dmtl1ya

Need a gorgeous way to kick off your layotus?  Check out Lovely Revelation Templates by Grace Blossoms 4 U!


WinksArt Graphics has put together a lovely vintage collection called Just Rosy.WG_NLpreview_zpswwwqjrdm

Designs By Romajo’s Glory of Freedom collection is another vintage inspired collection that is full of pretty element packs, gorgeous paper packs, and 3 alpha packs.newsletterpreview

Pretty Ju Scrap has put together a collection that will sweep you off your feet!  Check out the lovely Ballroom colletction!newsletterpreview_2015_lc_zpszhgacnip

Looking for something fun and sweet?  Check out these packs in Meg Scott Studio’s
Lil’ Love Collection.  (That bunny is so cute!!!)MS2LilLoveNewsPrev_zpsxqwppksb

Chunlin Designs has this breathtaking collection called For Keepsi-sdCMKkx

The sights, sounds, and smells of the carnival, fair, and more will come to life in your layotus made with Sugarmoon Design’s County Fair Collection!


Lisa Rosa has a stunning collection called You Are Sweet that has me thinking of peaceful getaways in a garden wiht a good book but can be used for so much more.newsletterpreview_zpsphshsh9n

So many amazing choices and lots of beautiful layouts await you!  Mix and match and choose your favorites, for $1 a pack you can have your stash bursting with a these wonderful designs!

Some of our wonderful WLS Creative Team and designers have created these spectacular layouts with different Lovely Colors packs.  Enjoy, be inspired, and then show us what you create with this month’s goodies!


July 2015 WLS Featured Designer: Lemur Designs

Have you noticed that With Love Studio is now home to a lot of great designers?  Our store is stocked with some major talent!  This month I am please to get to introduce you to one of our newest designers, Lemur Designs.  Let’s get to know her a little bit better, shall we?

What’s your real name if different from your designer name?

What’s the meaning of your designer’s name and how did you come up with it?
My designer name is Lemur,I really like this animal with it’s huge eyes. Because it looks very adorable.

How long have you been designing?
I have been designing since 2006.

Tell us a little bit about you, your family and your daily life.
I have a huge family and a nice husband, 3 children, two girls and one boy. My third child is only 5 months young. My other daughter is in the 3rd grade and my son is going to the 1st grade in school. All of us wake up at six o’clock in the morning and we bring our kids to their school. I love all sorts of baking and I often bake with my kids together. We spend our weekend mostly in the garden, enjoy the great weather and do a barbecue.

Do you have another job/career other than designing?
I am a typical housewife.

How many hours a day or week do you dedicate to designing, and how long does it usually take to complete a kit?
I need a whole week for a complete Kit and some couple of hours for a CU-Set,sometimes even less.

What are you favorite design tools and what computer/software/programs do you use?
I like to work with Adobe Photoshop and traditional media, like coloring pencils.

Do you have a method you like to follow when designing?
I don’t have any special techniques. All I need is silence while I’m working on a kit, so I can think about how to draw my sketches. When the weather and the time are perfectly fine, the work works out nicely.

Tell us about your featured kit, where did you find inspiration for it?
I love all of my sets, because all of them were made with love. I get inspired by my kids and nature.

What can we expect to see on your store on the next weeks? Are you already working on some new releases?
Currently I am working on new CU products.  I never plan a kit with a specific theme, if I get inspired by something, then I let my Imagination flow. If I’m in a good mood, it depends, it takes me some days to finish a Kit.

Thank you for taking time to help us get to know you a little better!

Lemur Design’s Featured Kit is called “Relaxing Summer.”  As you can tell she was inspired by the beach!  e461612221de2b66b49cc00e4bcdd23535d4

As mentioned in the interview Lemur Design’s is having a store wide sale this month!  I hope you take a moment to visit her store and see the whimsical designs she has to offer!


As a thank you gift, here is a sweet cluster freebie using Relaxing Summer from Lemur Designs.  Enjoy and swing by the forum to say hi to Maria-Olga to welcome her to our scrapping family!



New direct link.

Awesome new releases and great deals from our Lovely Designers

Hi, peeps!!!
I hope you are all having a blast during these first weeks of summer vacation and making a lot of wonderful memories to scrap later. It’s winter now here in Brazil, where I live, and I miss the warm summer days.
I’m here today to show you the awesome new releases our lovely designers have for you this week… and some great deals too!
Let’s start with this fun, bright and colorful new kit from PrettyJu Scraps, Bee Yourself.


I loved the papers on this kit, especially the honeycomb one… it looks so real! The elements are also amazing and her honey jar looks so real that makes me feel like sticking my finger in it. It comes with pretty matching alphas and lovely labels.

And now let’s go from the colorful and vibrant to the neutral and soft colors of this new release from Designs by Romajo, Natural Basic.


This kit has adorable soft colors that will give your page a natural look. And its stamps and paints can give your layouts a pretty grunge feeling too.

Go to the Sea, from Eudora Designs, is a superb nautical inspired kit. It has splendid shades of blue, with just a speckle of vibrant red and green… you’ll love it for sure!


And Joey Designs also has a sea themed new release for you this week… Under the Sea.


Under the Sea is whimsical… adorable… stunning! Just looking at its preview makes us feel like we are diving into a dreamlike ocean.

Just like all our other new releases, these packs are on sale for 20% off… but you can save even more buying the bundle! Plus, you buy the bundle and get a really cool addon as a gift!

And this is not all!!!
Joey is turning 45 this week and she wants us to have a slice of her cake… and with a cherry on top!!!
Almost her entire shop is 45% off… except for her bundles and her new collection, Under the Sea.


Now… another beautiful and fun whimsical new release for you! This one is from Pamela Bachmayer Designs.


This is such a sweet kit!!! You’ll fall in love with these adorable fairies!!! And if you are a fellow designer, notice that those fantastic brushes are CU ok!

And speaking of CU products, Meg Scott Studio is releasing 4 new awesome summer themed layered template packs today!


And she also has an amazing deal for you!!!


You won’t miss it, right?

Well, that’s all for today!!! Have fun shopping!!! And don’t forget to show off your layouts on our gallery later!!!

Susan’s Random Tip #3

Spice Up Your Background

How do you do that?  What’s that even mean?  Well, for me it means that I add shapes cut out of different papers (or more specifically papers clipped to shapes) to add interest and draw the eye to a specific area of my layout.  One of the challenges I like in the digital scrapbooking forums is the Speed Scrap.  You get a set of instructions in the first hour and then you have one more hour to finish up a layout.  Sometimes I love the outcome and I learn a new technique.  It was in one of these speed scraps early in the beginning of my digital scrapbooking life that I discovered you could clip paper to shapes and what that could do for a layout.  However, I limited myself to the one shape that we used then, a square. 

I think that went on for quite a while until another speed scrap introduced me to “warping” a square. That opened my world to other shapes.  In the past few years I’ve seen trends move to using circles, triangles, and heaxagons.  Another eye catching shape is just to add curved paper pieces, single or layered, down one side of your layout.  It adds visual contrast and a bit of whimsy fun!

I was looking through the With Love Studio Gallery this morning for some inspirational layouts to go along with today’s tip and this one by Jazz2000 jumped out at me.  The template she used utilized many different shapes that formed one big specific shape.


Check out the punched circles on this layout by JessicaDixon.


How about the way Joanie used trapazoids here?Pheasants_come_home_to_roost_599x600_

Squares and rectangles are also a great shape to bring clean lines into your layouts.  Pocket scrapping has been a HUGE draw for a few years and our desire for organized spaces finds a happy home with them.  Check out this beautiful layout by trinanne.  She used squares and rectangles and has created a stunning layout.


Whether you break away from the square and try a new shape, or if the call of square pull you in, I hope you’ll try adding shapes to a layout in your near future.  Enjoy!!!