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Friday New Releases, Specials, and MORE!!

New Releases
New this week, PrettyJu Scrap has this nice soft purple and neutral kit to honor those loved ones lost. It’s also a very versatile kit.

Joey Designs has a new traveling kit. This one is so different than most I’ve seen using neutral and soft colors. Also, included in this collection are some great templates.

Do you have a Knight in the family? Or some little boy who dreams of being a knight one day? Designs by Romajo has just the kit you need to scrap those knightly adventures.

Love to bake or have memories of baking with family members? Scrap those memories with this great new kit from KapiScrap this week.

Spring is here and this is a beautiful new kit from Angel’s Designs in our shop. Pick it up and scrap those beautiful Spring photos waiting to be scrapped today!

Lovey Dovey is new from Sugar Moon Designs and perfect from scrapping those memories of all those you Love dearly! It’s cute for kits and couples alike.


Don’t miss our March Specials and Rewards!

Last day to grab Grand Opening sales from our new designer, Joey.
Save 40% off through today only!!!


Gallery Spotlight!

I was roaming through the gallery this morning and this gorgeous layout by Pantherka caught my eye.  I love the soft feel of it and the circles that run down the center of the page.  I also love the treatment of the photo — stunning work!  And the kit that was used for the layout is also gorgeous…Vanilla and Mocha by Angel Designs.


March 2015 WLS Lovely Colors

Our WLS Designers stepped up to this month’s Lovely Color challenge and have created some exceptionally wonderful packs!  Mix and Match or get them all to create your own special Mega Collection.  All packs are on sale for $1 each through March 20th.  It’s a great time to try out our designers’ work!

march-lovely colors_zpsqdxywcviWLS-newsletterpreview_zpsy0iwlecbMS2PD_NewsPreview_zpsptviwcztlifechangesnewsletter_zpsvzt8ave6i-3RrPrsV-Li-SHqsWsqi-wWx24SL-L

So many beautiful packs to choose from!  What will you pick up to build your stash?  I have a little girl who loves to play dress up and has a bit of a love affair with her dolls so I’ve picked up Meg Scott’s Paper Doll packs already but I’m drooling over all the rest right now.  I have a feeling I’ll be back in the store soon!

Here are a few layouts showcasing some of these packs!  Can you match them up with the packs they used?


I can’t wait to see even more lovely layouts with these kits filling up our gallery!  Share what you create so we can leave some love on your creation.  See you in the forum and gallery!


March 2015 Featured Designer: Designs by Romajo

This month we turn our spotlight onto one of our newer designers: Designs by Romajo!  I have to tell you that I just love this lady!  She is one of the friendliest, kindest, gentle spirits that I have had the pleasure of getting to know in my time in digiland and when she gave into the designing bug I was thrilled!  Today you’re going to have the opportunity to get to know the person behind the designs but I can only scratch the surface. Come hang out in our forums for a little while and I bet you’ll soon be on TEAM Romajo!


Let’s get to know our Featured Designer a little better!

What’s your real name if different from your designer name?
My real name is Marieke, which is an old Dutch name. It is pronounced like Marie (one of the Aristocats), with ‘ke’ behind it.

What’s the meaning of your designer’s name and how did you come up with it?
Actually, I am the Ma part in ‘Romajo’. I am married to Robert (for 1 years this April) and we have a daughter named Joline. When she was born, we were looking for a name for a website (which doesn’t exist anymore) and we came up with Romajo. Ever since it’s the name I have been using around in digiland and when I started with designing, I used it as my designer name as well.

How long have you been designing?
I think it was in the summer of 2011 when with a couple of online friends we thought we might stretch our skills and do a bloghop. As soon as I might my first freebie, I was hooked on designing as well. In April 2012 I opened my own little shop. At the end of 2013 I got some design lessons from Lisa Rosa and a year later I was asked to join With Love Studio as a designer as well. By that time I had become from CT-member to CL-manager as well, all here at that lovely place.

Tell us a little bit about you, your family and your daily life.
As said, I am married to Robert and we have 1 daughter Joline (she’ll turn 11 in July). We also have a dog, Tommie the Kooikerdog (a Dutch breed formerly used to decay ducks) and a cat, Floor.

We live in a little town in the centre of the Netherlands, near Utrecht. It was up to here the Romans have been. And also the Vikings have been here (they even burned the place).

I use to help during lunchtime at Joline’s school and also help with other things (like reading and art class).

I also love to go to dance class, both a sort aerobic/Zumba class as Ballroom and Latin Dancing. I use to do that with Robert (we even met at a dancing school, 21 years ago). Besides our own class every other week we help with those just beginning with dancing (1st and 2nd grade).

Do you have another job/career other than designing?
I used to work as a telephonist/receptionist at an Allergy Centre. Two years ago I lost that job and ever since I am home. I hope to have a job soon, mostly to have my own money and also to meet other people, being myself instead of only ‘wife’ and ‘mother’.

How many hours a day or week do you dedicate to designing, and how long does it usually take to complete a kit?
Because I have the time, most time of the day you can find me behind my laptop. I will be designing or scrapping. Or chatting at WLS!

It depends on the kit, the colors, my mojo, the theme, the time I have, well, on so many things how long it takes me to have a kit ready. I have kits that are done in 1 or 2 days (like the packs I made for the Lovely Colors for March), but it might take up to a week to have things finished as well. It also depends on if you count only the kit (for me alpha, elements and papers) or also the add-ons (extra alphas, extra paper packs, extra element packs).

What are you favorite design tools and what computer/software/programs do you use?
I only have PhotoShop CS5. And I think I know only half of what can be done with that program. I love to use layer styles and actions. They can save so much time!

Do you have a method you like to follow when designing?
Normally I start with either the colors or the theme (sometimes both are given). When I have theme (title) I have a look for the palette I want to use. Sometimes I ask Joline to help me out with that.

I normally start with making the solid papers, followed by the patterned papers, the alpha and the elements. I think the elements mostly take most of the time. If I have add-ons, I start with them when the kit is done.

Tell us about your featured kit, where did you find inspiration for it?
My featured kit is called ‘March Of The Celts’. Fifteen years ago I lived in Ireland for a little more than 7.5 months (I was an au pair). Ever since I have a soft spot for everything Irish.

On March 17 it is St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland (and everywhere the Irish live), the National Holiday of Ireland. So my featured kit is useful for that. But March is also the start of spring (on the Northern Hemisphere), so it can be used for that as well.

I went looking for a song that I could use as my title (I love to use music as my inspiration) and came across the song by Enya: March Of The Celts. I thought it was perfect (although I don’t like the music/song itself). March both referring to the month as to music, Celts referring to the Irish and their Celtic roots.

Besides the kit, I made 9 add-ons. And everything is available as a bundle as well.

What can we expect to see on your store on the next weeks? Are you already working on some new releases?
I already told that I just finished my packs for the Lovely Colors. When I opened my shop here at WLS, I closed my personal shop I used to have. But there are still kits that I want to re-release. This month there are 2 re-releases coming out. One of them has a ‘free with purchase’ offer coming along when releasing.

Tell us about your featured designer’s month, sales, promotions, gifts…

My complete shop is 40% off, except for the new releases. They are 50% off!

I also have some freebies: 2 here at WLS, 1 on my blog, 1 on my Facebook and 1 in my newsletter. They all coordinate with my featured kit.

Do you like challenges? If so, join me in the Lovely Hostess challenge. And on March 17 I’ll be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Speed Scrap.

And I am planning on doing some more as well, like a give-away and maybe some coupons.

Thanks for the awesome interview Mareike!  I have always wondered if I was pronouncing your name right in my head and I’m pretty close I think.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get to hear you say it in person or at least in a live chat!

Are all of you ready to see Designs by Romajo’s Featured kit? It’s like a breath of fresh air!  MotC-Romajo-preview


Here are some extraordinary layouts using March of the Celts by Romajo’s Creative Team.

Patrick - Kiss Me %28400x400%29Sally - waterfall %28400x400%292uos57mCT Layouts - Romajo 2015 March of the Celts - Page 014Song For IrelandkleinKissMeImIrishklein


Be sure you check out Romajo’s store this month while everything is 40% off!  It’s a great time to try out her designs.  Come by the forum and check out the fun games Mareike has going on throughout the month and make plans to join her in a speed scrap this month as well!  I wish I could be there but I’ll be knee deep in teaching my precious students at that time.  Be sure to have a ton of fun for me!!!


Before you head off today pick up this FREEBIE Paper Pack that coordinates with March of the Celts.



Have a lovely week!


Hello Lovely Friends!

Robin here.  I was perusing the gallery this morning and came across this gorgeous layout by greenfiend27.  I love the big beautiful cluster in the bottom right corner and the way the butterflies scatter across the page – not to mention the priceless photo of the grandparents’ wedding – WOW!  Such a feast for the eyes!  Thank you, greenfiend27 for sharing this fabulous creation!  If you would like to leave greenfiend27 some love, click on the image.


















Kit used: Antique by Angel’s Designs


March 2015 XOXO Collab: Storms Don’t Last Forever

Life has it’s seasons of joy and sorrow much like the seasons of the year.  This month’s XOXO Collab by the wonderful designers at With Love Studio is stunning and just the thing to help you tell the stories of life and how you weathered the storm.  It is a must have in your scrapping stash! You can pick it up through March 7th for 35% off!


xoxo-march-ad1 copy_zpsjiy7kixq

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll find in this extraordinary collection!


Doesn’t it take your breath away?  I’ve already seen layouts in the gallery using this beautiful collection and they are blowing me away!  The raw, powerful emotion in some of them tug on your soul.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!  Remember to link your layout up in the March XOXO Collab Challenge to earn points toward a percent off coupon to be used in the WLS store.  The more challenges you do the higher your percentage off will be!

Here are some of the beautiful layouts the WLS Creative Team have already shared using “Storms Don’t Last Forever.”  I hope they inspire you like they have me!

27-0222-01WDreamklein_zpseifvbo2nCJ_notthemommy_smallhope you dance-maycie carosel in kemah_zps1v2jgxfc

This isn’t all of the goodies from this collection either!  If you are a WLS Newsletter subscriber, the March 1st edition had a special Alpha addon pack, there is a spectacular solid paper addon freebie up on the With Love Studio Facebook Page, and I get to give you the final freebie with this kit . . . a second fabulous addon alpha pack!



Enjoy and may you have a “lovely” day!


Angel’s Designs NEW at WLS & Friday New Releases!

With Love Studio is pleased to present to you our newest designer: Angel’s Designs!!!
She designs such beautiful vintage and romantic kits… you’ll just love her creations.
And she’s having a fantastic grand opening sale:

Look at the fabulous kits you’ll find on her store… and all of them for 40% off!

Don’t miss the chance of grabbing these beauties… be fast, ’cause sale price will last only until March 3rd!!!

New Releases!

February Collab

Have you already purchased your copy of our newest collab?
Here’s you chance to grab Love Songs with a big discount… use this code on check out and save $2 on your purchase: febcollab_save2

And how about having a peek of the stunning March XOXO Collab?
This collab is huge… and soooo beautiful!
You’ll love it!

It will be available on March 1st… don’t miss it!!!


**Don’t forget to get your FREE Gifts with Purchase you must click the GREEN box that pops up and add it to your cart to redeem the products. Thanks!!**

One Last Day for $1 Lovely Colors!! & New Releases!!

Hi, Shanna here with your weekly Friday new releases and news around With Love Studio. How did everyone love the Valentine’s event last week? It was super fun and we appreciate all our fans for joining in on the fun. This week was have a few new releases for you just in time for you to unwind from the week and get your scrap on! Take a look and also don’t forget to pick up those Lovely Colors today before they go off sale!

New Releases!
Hope For Spring is perfect to scrap your new beginnings, the start of spring, about your hopes and dreams of the (near) future, nature and maybe Scouting as well.

These templates are all about love, if you missed them during our Valentine’s event you can grab them now in Lisa Rosa’s shop!

Lovely Colors
Today is the last day to get our February Lovely Colors packs for only $1 each!

February 2015 WLS Lovely Colors Sale!!!!

This month the colors for the Lovely Colors Sale bring to mind Spring and joy!  9804e373-7d43-4368-b6be-c5b87fc0dfc3

The designers have created some beautiful packs for you to mix and match with and they will be on sale for $1 each through February 20th!

Celebrate February by Midnight Owl Designs


Glory of Pretty by Romajo


Baby Bloomers by Meg Scott Studio


Here are some layouts using these awesome packs that our WLS Team and the Designers’ teams have already made.  Can you match up the layout to the packs above?

23-0210-01WBeautifulkleinlrd_delsunbur_Temp4_Romajo_1That Girl RGBRomajo_GloryOfPretty_LRD_Te_zpsiuzx36ja

The great thing about the Lovely Colors Sale is you can mix and match the pack to make the Mega Collection of your dreams.  You can mix and match them easily in your layouts!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Once you have your layout or quickpage completed join in the fun over in the forum in the February 2015 Lovely Colors Palette Challenge!  Make a layout using these packs and you’ll get 25 With Love Points towards a gift certificate to be used in the WLS store.  Come join in the fun!!!


New Releases & Freebies

Hi, everyone!!! This is Lisa Rosa here, from Lisa Rosa Designs, and today I’ll be the one to tell you about the new releases from our lovely designers, about or freebies and our Valentine’s Day Hugs & Kisses Party.

I’ll start with this beautiful new release from Designs by Romajo… Mighty Jungle’s soft colors makes it a very different and adorable safari themed kit.



Now, Meg Scott has created some lovely add ons to that pretty party themed kit she’s giving away on our Fridays’ newsletters… you’re collecting all the parts, right? Then you have to get these add ons to complete your collection… they are really gorgeous!



Our Featured Designer of the month, Chunlin Designs, came up with this sweet and romantic kit, Valentine!

It’s such a pretty kit! I fell in love with it the moment I saw its preview and had to buy it!



I bought it last night and as soon as I downloaded it and extracted its files, this layout just came together… ’cause this kit is pure inspiration.



You have to have these new products on your stash… get them now while they are on sale. Discounts go from 20% up to 40%!!! Don’t miss this chance… the sale price lasts only until monday!

Have you already joined our Valentine’s day Hugs & Kisses Party?



Come have fun with us!!!

Join the “Leaving Love Contest” and get amazing discount coupons… and there’s a special prize for the winner!

And I’m running a game too… get the templates I’m giving away, create a layout using one of my kits and post it to get an entry to an awesome draw!



Beautiful templates, aren’t they?

Designs by Romajo, KapiScrap & Art, Midnight Owl, Kelsey {Inspired} Studios have great freebies waiting for you there too… don’t miss them!

Also wanted to remind you of some of our Specials:





And about our current freebies too!

Our Facebook Freebie coordinates with our February Collab, Love Songs… which is sooooo beautiful!!! Have you already purchased your copy?



Buy the collab and besides the 48 wonderful papers, being 33 beautifully patterned and 15 solids, 99 pretty elements, including flowers, greenery, frames, ribbons, bows, strings and tons of love themed stuff, and the loveliest alpha set, you’ll also get these stunning Quick Pages, ready to just drag your photos in!



And this is the coordinating freebie you’ll find on our Facebook:



If you are subscribed to our newsletter, don’t forget to collect all the parts of this gorgeous party themed kit our Lovely Designer Meg Scott is giving away every friday:



Isn’t it pretty?

If you are not subscribed yet, you can still do it! You still have time to download the parts you missed! Click here and fill in the form… and you’ll be the first one to know about our news!

That’s it!!! See you next week, people!!!